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The Virginity of Famous Men This Intimate, Psychologically Astute Story Collection From The Winner Of The Grace Paley Prize For Short Fiction Asks The Question, What Compels Two People To Fall In Love The Virginity Of Famous Men, Award Winning Story Writer Christine Sneed S Deeply Perceptive Collection On The Human Condition, Features Protagonists Attempting To Make Peace With The Paths They Have Taken Thus Far In The Prettiest Girls, A Location Scout For A Hollywood Film Studio Falls In Love With A Young Mexican Woman Who Is In Love With The Idea Of Stardom Than With This Older American Man Who Takes Her With Him Back To California Clear Conscience Focuses On The Themes Of Family Loyalty, Divorce, Motherhood, And Whether Doing The Right Thing Is, In Fact, Always The Right Thing To Do In Beach Vacation, A Mother Realizes That Her Popular And Coddled Teenaged Son Has Become Someone She Has Difficulty Relating To, Let Alone Loving With The Same Maternal Fervor That Once Was Second Nature To Her The Title Story, The Virginity Of Famous Men, Explores Family And Fortune.Long Intrigued By Love And Loneliness, Sneed Leads Readers Through Emotional Landscapes Both Familiar And Uncharted These Probing Stories Are Explorations Of The Compassionate And Passionate Impulses That Are Inherent In And Often The Source Of Both Abiding Joy And Serious Distress In Every Human Life.