Epub ❥ Mimadamos Author Chadi B. Ghaith – Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us

Mimadamos CAUTION If You Re Simply Looking For A Traditional Novel To Read, Mimadamos Is Not For You Mimadamos Is Than A Novel It Is An Attempt To Retrieve A Lost Chapter Of Human History That Accounts For The Nature Of Human Genesis And The Adamic Fall Mimadamos Is Not Merely About A Story Line, It Is About Moments Of Truth That Sends Shiver Down Your Spine It Is Not About Losing Yourself To The Narrative It Is About Finding Yourself In The Meaning Say You Re Presented With A Spoon Full Of Sacred Oil And Asked To Hold It While Having To Explore A World Full Of Wonders If You Focus Too Much On The Spoon In Fear Of Spilling The Oil, You Will Miss Out On All The Wonders And If You Re Too Taken By The Wonders, You Will Most Definitely Spill The Oil You Must Walk And Not Walk, Explore And Not Explore Be Inside The World Of The Narrative And Outside Of It Simultaneously, And This Is The Way Mimadamos Is Meant To Be Received.MIMADAMOS THE CODE, THE SCRIPT THE MACHINATIONS OF THE FALLEnter The Forbidden Kingdom Of The Now And Experience Reality Like Never Seen Or Heard Before Did The Ending Precede The Beginning Are We Here On Earth Only To Comprehend Its Machinations Journey Through This Epic Fable As The Characters Explore Some Of The Most Timeless Concepts Known To Man Good And Evil, Heaven And Hell, And The Beginning And End Of The World Discover The Spiritual Code That Runs The Most Ancient Scripts Known To Man, The Genesis, The Symbolic Fall From Eden And The Long Anticipated Armageddon Through An Epic Narrative And A Logic So Unique That It Brings History As We Know It To Its Conclusive End MIMADAMOS AN INTOXICATING NARRATIVEMimadamos The Soul Of Adam Revolves Around Three Of The Most Significant Characters On Earth, Paralleled By Three Of The Most Significant Forces In Life And Their Unique Story In Space And Time.Disclosing The Secret Link Between The Heavenly And The Earthly, Mimadamos Reveals The Forbidden Logic That Binds These Two Seemingly Separate Worlds Together In An Entrancing Narrative And Unprecedented Linkage That Leaves Readers In Awe The Material Revealed In Mimadamos Is Astonishing And Will Permanently Alter Your Perception Of Reality The Uniqueness You Are About To Be Exposed To Cannot Be Easily Ignored Or Overlooked Like Sunlight, Its Power Translates Into Immediate Vision Mimadamos Is Certain To Be Life Transforming For You Provided That You Receive It With A Free And Open Mind Allowing Its Absolving Narrative To Work Its Way Through Your Cognitive And Spiritual System.