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Love on 3 Wheels What Happens When Love And Destiny Come To Loggerheads Love On 3 Wheels Is A Saga Of Love, Lust, Aspirations And Trickery That Unfolds Over A Period Of Three Days, Propelling Those In Its Midst Into An Unmindful Frenzy.Sargam A Young And Ambitious Girl Misplaces A Parcel Purportedly Containing A Large Amount Of Cash This Sets Off A Turn Of Events That Are Certain To Leave Their Imprint On The Lives Of Many.Sharib Sheikh An Auto Rickshaw Driver Whose Fault Is That He Fell In Love With The Wrong Person At The Wrong Time.Dr Abhigyan Kukreti A Prominent Doctor Who Has Skeletons In His Personal Closet Than A Mid Size Cemetery.Ameena A Simple Village Girl Who, Like Sharib, Finds Herself At The Wrong End Of Love.Junaid A Swindler With His Heart In The Right Place.A Real Love Story That Is Bound To Make Your Heart Skip Than A Beat