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The Coconut Oil Cure All You Need To Take Advantage Of Coconut Oil S Many Health Benefits With The Coconut Oil Cure, You Hold The Key To Improved Health And Beauty Using A Tropical Fruit Prized For Its Healing Properties And Versatile Applications In Addition To Delicious Recipes That Help You Lose Weight And Lower Inflammation, You Ll Find Step By Step Instructions For Creating Natural, Effective Remedies Like Healing Massage Creams, Therapeutic Skin Treatments, And Sumptuous Anti Aging PotionsAn Easy To Understand Overview Of Coconut Oil And Its Many Uses In Improving Overall Health And Wellness 14 Simple Recipes For Natural Cosmetics Like Bronzing Cinnamon Body Butter And Coconut Oil Beach Hair Spray 16 Effective Recipes To Soothe And Cure Common Ailments Such As Dandruff, Skin Rashes, And Sore Throats 100 Delicious Recipes That Make It Easy To Cook With Coconut, Including Many Vegan And Paleo Friendly Dishes A Handy Shopper S Guide To Ensure You Purchase The Right Type And Quality Of Coconut Oil For Your Personal Needs Plus, You Ll Find Ten Bonus Recipes From The Bestselling Paleo For Beginners By Sonoma Press To Help You Achieve Your Best Health By Eating Like Your Ancestors.