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Hollow Towns The End Did Not Come Swiftly As Media And Literature Had Predicted There Was No Deadly Virus Released To Wipe Out Humanity There Was No Meteor On Course To Collide With Earth There Was No Biblical Flood Or Fire And Brimstone And There Was No Army Of The Undead To Rise Up Against The Living In Fact, No One Knew Where Or When It Began It Was Suspected To Have First Occurred In Some Remote Village Without The Means To Report What Was Happening Even When It Began To Be Reported, No One Understood What Was Happening, So No One Was Alarmed They Were Just Lightning Storms First Came A Thick, Gray Cloud Covering That Blocked Out The Entire Sky And All Light Then The Steady And Unending Drizzle Of Rain That Never Turned Into A Downpour, But Never Lightened Up Either Then There Were Reports Of Lightning But No One Took Notice After All, Who Cared About A Mild Storm It Wasn T Until The Cloud Bank Reached Spain, And Then France, That The Panic Began To Rise.