✻ Nobodys Safe Epub ✾ Author Richard Steinberg – Horsebackridingnorthcarolina.us

Nobodys Safe There Are Some Secrets The Government Would Kill To Protect.No Door Is Locked.Gregory Picaro Lives In The Shadows And Works In The Dark, Finding His Way Into The Most Exclusive Homes In The World And Methodically Taking Away Their Treasures One Precious Item At A Time A Man Who Has Made Safecracking An Art Form, Who Has Never Met A Lock He Couldn T Pick, Picaro Is At The Top Of His Field But He Has Just Opened The Wrong Safe.No Treasure Is Secure.Suddenly Picaro, In The Company Of A Beautiful Woman Reporter, Is On A Harrowing Cross Country Odyssey In Pursuit Of A Truth Too Extraordinary To Guess, Dodging Enemies Who Want Him Dead And Want Their Evidence Back For Over Fifty Years A Mysterious Organization Has Been Guarding A Secret That Will Change Everything You Have Believed About Our Government And The Only Person Who Can Tell The Truth Is A Master Safecracker Holding The Key To A Mind Boggling Revelation.Nobody S Safe.