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The Year of the Rooster The Cabin Was Dark When Marta Opened The Door Betty Jo Must Be Asleep Marta Tiptoed In Feeling Her Way To Her Own Bunk Under The Porthold She Stumbled Over Something In The Middle Of The Floor And Stifled A Gasp When She Turned On The Light Switch, She Could Not At First Assimilate The Facts Before Her Her Bed Was Covered With Tissue Paper And Ribbons And The Various Small Presents She Had Bought Were Tossed About.The Room Itself Was A Shambles And Betty Jo S Bed Was Empty.Who, Then A Thief And Where Was Betty Jo She Began To Shake Call Someone But Who Just Then She Heard A Slight Noise Behind Her But Before She Could Move, A Smothering Cloth, Like A Heavy Blanket Came Down Over Her Head, The Telephone Dropping From Her Hand..From Tokyo To San Francisco, Young Marta Frazier Was Unwittingly Drawn Into A Massive Ring Of Spies And Counterspies That Reached Halfway Across The World.