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Trinity Trinity, The Debut Graphic Book By The Gifted Illustrator Jonathan Fetter Vorm, Depicts In Vivid Detail The Dramatic History Of The Race To Build And The Decision To Drop The First Atomic Bomb This Sweeping Historical Narrative Traces The Spark Of Invention From The Laboratories Of Nineteenth Century Europe To The Massive Industrial And Scientific Efforts Of The Manhattan Project Along The Way, Fetter Vorm Takes Special Care To Explain The Fundamental Science Of Nuclear Reactions With The Clarity And Accessibility That Only A Graphic Book Can Provide, Trinity Transports The Reader Into The Core Of A Nuclear Reaction Into The Splitting Atoms Themselves.The Power Of The Atom Was Harnessed In A Top Secret Government Compound In Los Alamos, New Mexico, Where Some Of The Greatest Scientific Minds In The World Gathered Together To Work On The Bomb Fetter Vorm Showcases J Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, And General Leslie Groves, The Fathers Of The Atomic Bomb, Whose Insights Unleashed The Most Devastating Explosion Known To Humankind These Brilliant Scientists Wrestled Daily With Both The Difficulty Of Building An Atomic Weapon And The Moral Implications Of Actually Succeeding.When The First Bomb Finally Went Off At A Test Site Code Named Trinity, The World Was Irreversibly Thrust Into A New And Terrifying Age With Powerful Renderings Of The Catastrophic Events At Hiroshima And Nagasaki, Fetter Vorm Unflinchingly Chronicles The Far Reaching Political, Environmental, And Ethical Effects Of This New Discovery Richly Illustrated And Deeply Researched, Trinity Is A Dramatic, Informative, And Thought Provoking Book On One Of The Most Significant And Harrowing Events In History.