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The Good Sinners Naughty Nun Thierry Bonnenfant Has A Mission To Fulfill Transport A Padlocked Casket Of Holy Relics Across The Sea To Normandy Sounds Easy Enough, Until He Finds That His Fellow Travelers Will Be None Other Than A Group Of Nuns.Thierry Was Hoping For Different Company, Something Decidedly Less Virginal Now, Resolved To A Very Dull Journey, Where His Only Pleasure Is Arguing With A Naughty, Quarrelsome Nun Named Sister Vivienne, He Has No Warning Of The Storm Ahead.Vivienne Is Also On A Mission The Priceless Vase Hidden Inside That Casket Of Relics Is Her Pass To Freedom All She Has To Do Is Find The Key In Bonnenfant S Breeches Apparently He S All Brawn And No Brains Seducing Him To Get That Key Should Be Her Easiest Task Ever.But She S Reckoned Without This Particular Sinner S Last Remaining Scruples And The Reckless, Bloodthirsty Warrior S Only Fear Of Nuns.