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The Java Virtual Machine Specification The Nucleus Of The Java TM 2 Platform, The Java TM Virtual Machine Is The Technology That Enables The Java 2 Platform To Host Applications On Any Computer Or Operating System Without Rewriting Or Recompiling The Java Virtual Machine Is Also Responsible For The Compactness Of Applications Targeting The Java 2 Platform, And Is The Basis For Its Security Capabilities This Book Was Written By Those Directly Responsible For The Design And Implementation Of The Java Virtual Machine, And Is The Complete And Definitive Specification For The Technology It Is An Essential Reference For Writers Of Compilers For The Java Programming Language And Implementors Of The Java Virtual Machine This Second Edition Specifies The Newest Version Of The Java Virtual Machine And Provides A Fascinating View Into The Inner Workings Of The Java 2 Platform In This Book You Will Find Comprehensive Coverage Of The Class File Format, The Hardware, Operating System, And Implementation Independent Binary Format For Compiled Code The Authors Fully Describe The Instruction Set Of The Java Virtual Machine You Will Find An Entire Chapter Of Examples That Demonstrate How To Compile Code Written In The Java Progr